Top Down Outlook 

Global economy and financial markets seen from an European perspective 


Weekly newsletter - Top Down Outlook


The newsletter "Top Down Outlook" will be sent to all subscibers by e-mail over the weekend. Based on the analysis of the most important economic events, "Top Down Outlook" aims to build a recommended portfolio diversified across all major international asset classes showing the best risk to reward profile.

"Top Down Outlook"  comprises six sections:

  1. Market analysis : financial market trend analysis over the past week;
  2. Economic commentary : a look at some of the economic market movers over the past week;
  3. The Week Ahead : key macroeconomic events in the week ahead;
  4. Global strategy weekly : thorough analysis of the outlook for all major financial markets based on a top-down approach. Through the analysis of the leading international economies the newsletter identifies the asset classes showing the best risk to reward profile;
  5. Top Down portfolio "Top Down Outlook" builds a recommended portfolio diversified across equity and bond indexes, currencies and commodities. Although portfolios are reviewed weekly, they usually see little change over the month given our medium/long-term approach;
  6. European equity portfoliothe European equity portfolio comprises 16 stocks listed on the European markets which we believe have a higher chance of outperforming the DJ Eurostoxx 600 index. The portfolio is mainly built by using “momentum strategy” methodologies.

The "Top Down Outlook" analyses all major economies with a view to building a recommended portfolio diversified across all most important international asset classes. It can be easily repeated by both institutional and private investors through the use of the leading exchange traded funds (ETFs) listed on regulated markets.



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